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G.R.W. Philosophy

G.R.W. specializes in importing small family production, high-quality natural wine from Italian producers whose passion and belief system centers around letting nature do the farming by using organic, bio-dynamic, natural and sustainable farming practices without chemicals, pesticides or unnecessary intervention.  While living and traveling in Italy the wines that stand out to us are natural, with minimal intervention, from smaller producers who typically do not import to the United States.  By starting Gravel Road Wines the goal is to re-create the experience a lot of us have when we visit Italy where we order a normal glass of wine and we are amazed by the quality and price.  Gravel Road Wines is attempting to bring that type of wine to Oregon and replicate that experience closer to home.


What is natural wine?  It can mean many things but in Italy it boils down to the fact that normal wine can have around 120 allowable ingredients, organic wine can have around 60 allowable ingredients but natural wine only has 3 ingredients.  Grapes, yeast and sulphites and with sulphites all our producers believe that less is more and take a minimalist approach to added sulphites. 

Our Founders

bobby planting vines_edited.jpg

The truth is we want to import these wines so we can drink them here at home in Oregon.   Italy was becoming a long flight to drink our favorite wines.   Hopefully, others will enjoy these wines as much as we do and benefit.  Salute!"  - Bobby and Jeremy


Together with our Italian friends and partners we search all over Italy for small family-run wineries or the up and coming start up wineries who are producing excellent wine and we ensure that their values and commitment to quality are in line with those of Gravel Road Wines.  Our producers are all very proud of their sustainable farming methods and the wines that they produce.  We want to bring these wines to our clients so they can enjoy them with their customers, friends and family. 

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